Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Where I Can Buy Brazilian Wax Product In Portland Can I Use Orajel Cream To Numb Pain For A Brazilian Wax?

Can I use Orajel cream to numb pain for a Brazilian wax? - where i can buy brazilian wax product in portland

I know that there is "no product" Scream Cream specifically for the bikini off / Brazil, and 20% benzocaine cream bought Orajel, and I wonder if I can use my morning before the wax.

I tried a piece of creamy inner thigh for the treatment of allergies, and I have no reaction. I have used several other websites ...
Please let me know! Thanks


Miss Cookie said...

Yeah ... more ... can not hurt ... just stay away from your songs! Make sure to cut the hair of 1 cm or less, which contributes to pain.

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