Friday, February 5, 2010

Torturing Women Methods What Methods/spots Do You Ladies? And Are All Of You?

What methods/spots do you ladies? And are all of you? - torturing women methods

Okay, owmen all experts in torture, hell child by tickling them? I have not found 1 but if I could keep it to where the nails are going and uuuuuussually my ribs, which means I'm screwed! As it is much better in woemn ticklish? And what methods are used for the spots to go? It seems just like women are in a different league when it comes to that!


A Texas Girl said...

Do people not to tickle.
And find it very annoying when you do not stop tickling me, because they have to laugh when his anger. lol

Eric of Dreams said...

just because you aspire to tickle does not mean that the entire male sex stink

кιкα said...

......... Usually men do not tickle

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