Monday, February 8, 2010

Slim Vigina Pic My Chihuahua Had This Brown Slim Coming From Her Vigina?

My Chihuahua had this brown slim coming from her vigina? - slim vigina pic

4 years I have bred chihuahua £ 3.5 that I (or as I) thought high was in November 27th.But had weight gain at all, you have some flow Brown lost Friday 25 and acted quite differently. Today is
Back to normal. I called our vet and he told me it does not hurry to call him on Monday.
Would expect to find a puppy?
Might have lost a puppy?
Or is it some kind of infection?
Can someone help ...


Jennifer T said...

Can not wait to see the vet. You have pyometra is puippy or dead, or any number of things that make you your death. Go to a vet NOW.

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