Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What Is The Highest Mg Of Ativan CT Chest Scan 7 Weeks Pregnant?

CT Chest scan 7 weeks pregnant? - what is the highest mg of ativan

I was admitted to the emergency room with a sinus tachycardia, high BP and O2. I was stabilized in the fluids after 3-4 hours, 3 bags of IV fluid. The doctor wanted a chest CT-scan to exclude pulmonary embolism, because the history of blood clotting in my family. He said he would protect me with 2 sheets of lead on my belly and dye injected to concentrate in the region, but there are still risks. The risk of pulmonary embolism was the death for one and two should I say that worthy was to have the test. I agreed and he did. The answer could not be a coup. I was so nervous, she had me, 5 mg of Ativan, which said it would not hurt, while in Class C or D. I took IV fluids and back to normal after a crisis that I'm drying out and my astHMA burst.

My question is, what is the risk of .5 mg of alprazolam and chest CT. Has anyone scan a healthy pregnancy and child, despite a chest. I went home and read to experience abortion or a baby with birth defects, including the risk of child hood cancer, but those who are higher in abdominal CT scans disadvantages chest or head. Please help!


proudmam... said...

I had a scan when I was in my first trimester with my son and I also double shielded. It was perfectly healthy. Sometimes it just sounds awful, because they can tell you how deep the things go wrong, even Eith have a chance. You and your child should be in order, I would not so much. Stress is probably more damaging then the evidence. Good Lick.

Call your pediatrician in the morning on lactation. I know I am not saying that breastfeeding during the first 24 hours. Let the doctor can determine whether the side effects and what to search. I am sure that everything goes well, the people were much worse and more dangerous things, and with healthy children. It is frightening to raise children is in reality. I'm worriedR, so I know how you feel. I wish you all the best.

My father always told me, crying, and my husband, we are interested because he read. It is probably true, but I like to keep you up to date. It can drive you crazy if lol.
And for the record, just cause for concern because it is a good mother. It seems very much in the lives of their children are involved and that's great.

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