Thursday, February 4, 2010

Knee Blunt Force Injury Blunt Force Knee Injury Two Weeks Ago... Any Ideas?

Blunt force knee injury two weeks ago... any ideas? - knee blunt force injury

I hurt my knee 2 weeks before me for the same action on a stretcher into an ambulance. I went to the doctor and they X-rays and said there was nothing broken, but because of my pain that sent me to a specialist. He said he was not sure what's going on until she has the MRI, but he wanted to wait a couple of weeks if it is a severe bone bruise. There are no visible bruises, but the pain is getting even unbarable with a stable regime of 800 mg ibuprofen and 5/500mg Vicodin (hydrocodone), and the rise of offshoring and icing. I wrapped my knee tried to help, but it seems even worse. Also my joints are out of the reach of a mine in normal people and are widely position outside of the knee, so it leaves more susceptible to injury, the joint force. I had no injury to the same at all. Ideas about the possibility of injury, which happened in May to him?

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my knees, as we discovered on a stretcher in a difficult way and press the frost heave.


Loganne said...

I can not, of course, nothing is certain, but I have a couple of knee injuries. The first thing I would like to compare his injury was a torn PCL. One of my friends feel is the front of the knee. Doctors initially told him it was a blow, but if the pain never stopped until she has an MRI and found a different path. With this injury, he could not bend his leg while flexing the foot. The PCL tear completely avoided. The second injury, which could be compared with the MCL, was beaten. He had some difficulty in fully extending the leg and pain in general. However, the meniscus was also affected. If you have any pain with little or no improvement, and MRI are probably necessary.

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