Thursday, February 18, 2010

Index Of Ftpfotos How Many Glycemic Index "points" Should You Consume In A Day In Order To Lose Weight?

How many Glycemic Index "points" should you consume in a day in order to lose weight? - index of ftpfotos

I've heard of the glycemic index diet, the higher GI foods, has lost weight, faster and easier it is to stay healthy. What is the exact amount of the IG consume in a day? Allow yourself more calories? If you want to lose the weight, how many points "," should you eat per day?


silverbu... said...

You make me a little. GI is a measure of the impact of a meal your blood sugar. Crucial for diabetics. For the rest of us, a series of high-GI, a response to insulin. Insulin is involved in the processing of blood sugar into stored fat. So if you have the same amount of calories, foods with high glycemic fast food converted into fat, low GI.

Thinning is not about how many points GI, because of the calories consumed versus calories burned, but it is recommended that low-GI foods is generally easier weight control.

There are times in which high-GI foods are useful, though. In the middle of the marathon, runners must GI foods and sugars that feed the muscles quickly and effectively aftercompleted a significant portion of glycogen in the muscles and liver.

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