Sunday, January 31, 2010

Prolific Usb To Serial Bridge Driver Download Is There No Way I Can Connect My Panasonic X300 Mobile To My PC?

Is there no way I can connect my Panasonic x300 mobile to my PC? - prolific usb to serial bridge driver download

I had recently purchased a data cable for my phone Panasonic X300. But all attempts to connect the phone to the PC base has failed to communicate. I tried installing the driver from the Panasonic website, which I tested the USB driver prolific serial bridge MAT USB-serial bridge, which have even tried to use a 3rd party software called oxygen. All I get is: "The attempt to connect to the headset to connect to ..."

I can only say that the cable works, because if I get in touch, acts on the battery indicator. I also used a program for monitoring and data showing the flow of packets between the device and the PC. The same packages are repeated several times (two).

Is there a fix for this or I live with the fact that my X300 is essentially tetherless?


Frikkie Botes.. 我是神 said...

Uninstall anything to do, what their phones only install software phone.Re the software on your system, is a coming together with the data cable and telephone other.especialy softphone software.Maybe has its own software for data cable

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