Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ceiling Mount Oscillating Fan With A Home Theater Project, Has Anyone Ever Built A Near Ceiling Stand Instead Of A Ceiling Mount?

With a home theater Project, has anyone ever built a near ceiling stand instead of a ceiling mount? - ceiling mount oscillating fan

I live in an apartment, so I really can not go through the roof and my cable without the landlord makes me mad. I've thought about Building a booth with a floor area that could be connected and share my e-mails in a 4x4 climbing at the ceiling, then close makeing adjustable.

Is this feasible? Person has done something similar?

From what I read, ceiling usuability position is much better for a coffee table assembly (the people on the street)


rennikck... said...

When one sees how a projector projects an image that remains fixed to operate the projector. The projector must be level with the bottom of the screen (front projection) or the upper level) with projection (ceiling to get a square image. If you have a projector on a shelf above the head, causing the main issues and problems created image. Your platform should work if you use the projector in a well ventilated, and vice versa to what you keep looking, too. The picture below shows how image projects from the projector.

trevcda said...

I installed a projector in my apartment and on the roof. You need only three holes large enough to accept some of Molly screws to keep it so, if I move, I can only patch the holes. As for cable, I actually found an HDMI cable through the wall behind the projector. If you are a friend, an electrician, I would be your help for this section like this. Another possibility is to make a product called Wiremold assigned outside the wall and can be painted on the wall color matching. The poster above me is absolutely right about the importance of the headlamp. Read it again!

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