Saturday, January 9, 2010

Modern Desks I'm Looking For A Great, Modern Desk Lamp?

I'm looking for a great, modern desk lamp? - modern desks

I saw the cold light of the office a year ago in a lighting store has since closed. It was almost like a sphere with two lights on the side. Turn the NOB once, and both headlights are on. Twist again and side windows are gone, but brightened up the main part of love in the world. Twist is a third time, and both the main and side light to follow.

It was so great, but I can not find him. Someone saw a fire like this before or know where they like to buy single desk lamps?


Roxanne said...

Modern desk lamp I have in the search and found this site: and found a cold light on page 3 - right side of this page: Four Light Bullet Head Desk Lamp. There are others, and look for other websites. Hope this helps. Roxanne

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