Saturday, January 2, 2010

Motorcycle Security Best Motorcycle Security Options? Chains Or Other Devices?

Best motorcycle security options? Chains or other devices? - motorcycle security

I lock-rotor
Scorpio alarm (I like)
and a chain of Kryptonite ... Oh yes
and insurance .. lol

Depends where you go, as
I am .... Sometimes you can not
Better safe than sorry ...

I heard a lot about the new Lo-Jack
but I have not tried yet.

Good Luck


JustAnot... said...

A Kryptonite chain lock and electronic alarm system would be better. This will prevent the bicycle thief, but it will not stop the professional thief wants your bike. That is why we have insurance against theft.

Always park your bike in well-lit and populated areas and always keep your chain and activate the alarm. This is the best thing you can do.

In my case the bike is, I'm fine, or in his garage, so there is little danger of theft. And the odd time that you park, always make sure I keep an eye on him.

Bon voyage!

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