Saturday, January 9, 2010

Halloween Rigid Costume Support Where Can I Find Moldable Plastics For A Costume?

Where can I find moldable plastics for a costume? - halloween rigid costume support

I try, a really awesome Halloween costumes make for next year, but what do I need a bit of rigid plastic, flexible and robust. The cost is not really a problem, but I want the best value for my dollar. Which sites you can send me what I want?


Diane B. said...

It depends on the size of the plastic parts that you (for jewelry or small caps, whole or pieces of armor require, for example) and you must look like, because there are many types of plastic can be molded or shaped, but not everyone is doing the same and you can do to look the same.

As mentioned earlier, "polymer clay" are made of plastic (in the form of "sound" that can be hardened by baking a short time at low temperature in the oven at home, coming in).
Some brands Premo, Kato Polyclay, FimoClassic (and FimoSoft) Sculpey Cernit and others (most would not be good for a fine or projections, since it is less powerful than the original Sculpey or Sculpey III).
Polymer clay is not for all that is solid and thicker than 1 1 are used / 4 "thick if (body armor, but can be used among them, if they are thicker, or may be hollow).

There are a lot of information about the polymer clay and everything will be done with them (including the making look like other thingssuch as beads, metal, wood, ivory, jade and more) is on my site --- here the Table of Contents: ...

Other things that are molded plastic or soften or melt under the heat bring ... as "Friendly Plastic" (which comes in strips, some are metallic, and pellets), a couple of things made of vinyl (albums of music, etc.), different parts of plastic, shaped and are meltables Men 's army of plastic gummy worms for fishing bait and more "meltable products." Resins "of various types can be a very general way, but sometimes in liquid form.

You can find many information about different plastics that can be to other pages on my website as well formed: ... * Click on the merger, softening or plastic shrinkage * ... ... Check polyester or epoxy resins, in particular, or any other on the bottom of the list

The proposal would be to deal with specialInfo Products S would he specifically about what I want "to a Halloween costume, though.


Diane B.

Allanas said...

I do not know anything about plastic, but you can almost everything with sculpty tone.

Papier mache is also an option. There are different types and recipes are very good. Google it. I had great luck with the recipe for dryer lint. Seriously. Dryer lint.

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