Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Math Software What Is A Great Elementary Math Software Curriculum For Homeschooled Daughter?

What is a great elementary math software curriculum for homeschooled daughter? - math software

My daughter is almost 9 years of the curriculum visual learner is a comprehensive software they need math. You are just starting fresh and skills in the ZooZillions vol. She is on large concepts, visual impairment, reading difficulties. Not so easy to remember facts drilling, etc. We need something that is interactive, but thoroughly. No magic for online games, please. We are a family business Homeschool with a little education. Thank you!


ASD & DYS Mum said...


( "Z" instead of "s" makes me crazy!)

These are the two sides, but not "just for fun" sites:

Cosmea a Nutshell mathematics is amazing! Enter the subscription price ($ 9.99 per month or $ 99/yr) is valid in itself. In addition, they need the video in the series, standard and irregular (my son is learning a ton from there!) And other educational videos. The site is for all Cosmea impressive visual learners! I (one of them!) Bin

(They have a free trial of one month.)

Someone suggested, Aleks, and a second one.

Textbooks are the developing countries in their teaching this year, lower level. We are doing algebra and it's great! I hear the lower levels (pre-Alg, Math 7) still have more fun! Some are using the CD-ROM, some in a book, have a good mix of learning styles - particularly the practice, even with a pencil and paper, not just the PC (whereMy son prefers to) do their job. You can view the sample lectures, problems, and pages on the site of TT:

(These values do not necessarily correspond with the degree - that is, I know that many students of 3rd/4th Had to math 7 Just do. An internship consisting test.)

You can also see PDO switched to the curriculum. This does not apply for a verdict, but I guess at least 3, where he begins SOS. I personally am very impressed with SOS, but many people like them.

My favorite math K-5 is K12, which is what we use as the basis of our curriculum.


justin said... is a great place. me and my sisters, aged 15, 12 a.m. to 9 p.m. used. Aleks is a great online program, and I think it's a free trial

Check it out

busymom said...

Maybe you can see some of the games on this site.
We have a number of years, not just the Department of Mathematics.

Our son did not know much about their proliferation was Tic - Tac - Toe, his daughter won the most games he has actually applied the facts of losing games has a great motivator. ...

Kodi said...

I was taught for 2 years at home and the program I used for the alpha and omega, or PDO for short. I really liked it, because not only interactive and fun, was also very instructive. I think your daughter really is.

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