Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ip Camera Can I Control Ip Based Camera By Using Internet ?

Can i control ip based camera by using internet ? - ip camera

I plan to purchase IP-based device.
IP controls the camera through my site and I would like also to consider recording and live to see video with my website.
I will not forgive.
Should I do this thing?
if required by the Internet IP address for this static IP camera or not?


Christopher B said...

The system is on a computer network to operate an IP address or its own IP, if it is a separate system.

As you would on your computer, you can use it if they fowrding intellectual property has a port (assuming you have a router / firewall)
On the radio? I do not think you can go on the internet: P When the IP someome see them, you can have a camera, and you can try to make a connection, but a good password is ....

But yes, you can just foward the ports on the router / firewall, the Internet will create http://YOURIP and connection information for the camera ....

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