Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Respiratory Problems More Condition_symptoms Respiratory Problems?

Respiratory problems? - respiratory problems more condition_symptoms

I bought a Dumbo rat PetSmart. I've had for a week, and she sneezes constantly, but apparently not breathe loudly or abnormal means that you have a problem breathing does this mean? or just allergic to something?


fizzy_wo... said...

My last rat had similar problems when I got there. Has been improved, but then when he 2 years he developed a respiratory illness called Pasteurella, where the bacteria has been overcome in all rats, the immune system. In hindsight, I began, though perhaps his problem was early sneezing miracle, a leading indicator, but do not know for sure.

Give him a couple of days, weeks and see if it improves. Otherwise, you can add it to the vet for an exam. It may be simply a reaction to the particles of sawdust.

d said...

Two things may be causing the problem:

1) You can have allergic reactions to pine or cedar shavings.No recommend regular or Care Fresh Ultra.

Know 2) As we all know that rats are carriers of Mycoplasma an asthma attack, medical treatment may have prevented the progression of pneumonia to be.

3) Remember that this question, my answer about the care of rats

Question solved
As for a pet rat care (I've seen videos, but seems to be wrong.)?
I've seen tons of videos and read many articles. Together, they provide different information. I want to know what is best for a rat if I use a get, and if I have two. What is sex? What should I eat? Cage? Tank? Toys? Bedding? Playtime? If you do not know much advice and I do not hear.
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Rat lurver said...

Well, first things first, that the beds are not used? Dusty beds you can cause problems with breathing, such as cedars and pines. Aspen contain mites.
Two, what is the Tempature at home? Under 70 degrees, they respetory diseases. Top 80 to heatstroke. \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\
Three, you have a boyfriend? One of my rats was wheezing and deppresed (chewing part of their lonlieness food) when I came as a friend, he became even better.
If none of these things are the problem, culminating rattie nearest veterinary exotic!

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