Friday, December 11, 2009

Canine Ringworm Photos Canine Ringworm, How Long Does It Take To Cure?

Canine ringworm, how long does it take to cure? - canine ringworm photos

Hello, I wonder how long (on average), it will take to cure ringworm dog. But I would also like to know whether there is a way to return the dog is, even after they have been healed. My question is whether the fungus resides in the dog, then another time, or down if the treatment is completely cured and return the dog only if it is in direct contact with the fungus again. I ask because my friend, the dog was born with the itch, and although he now says the training priests said he could return at some point in their lives, and I just wanted to know if the same is true for Jock or not, because I am interested in this dog at its disposal.


Dog Lover said...

You need the animal world, if you have to treat ringworm, so that once gone, is gone - unless your dog is back in contact with the fungus. There is only one tract infections, and can sleep in the dog.
I do not think your friend was dog with scabies (Scabies is born), but the dog would be open to reinfestation at any moment it comes into contact with another dog.
Scabies is a highly contagious, but the immune system of this dog is obviously not in a position to fight infection.
What scabies in humans, scabies and dog scabies mites can not live for the people, and left in a life cycle - about 17 days.
Go ahead and take the guy with ringworm. You have a face to face if he gets it back, and really not that big deal.
Good luck and have fun with him.

Shalori said...

If the butterfly can sometimes can get people back. but can be cured with time and may not return. On the basis of a treatment which could take up to two weeks or so. Check with the adoption agency and see if and what we have to do to consult a veterinarian to be sure.

|> Soulless Reaper <| said...

it really depends on the med ..
tetter than the man, if you call again

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