Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Precision Rifle Barrels Sniper Rifle?

Sniper Rifle? - precision rifle barrels

I have an old rifle, 243, a new Leupold scope. It is a wood and has everything. I really want to make a sniper rifle or sniper rifle. Suggestions? A bipod? (I really do not know, to penetrate the wood at all.) Canton bottom? Silent? \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ U0026lt - or are somewhat related. Worn cover, something like this could bring about the end of the canyons.

Thank you very much. This summer should be fun!


notthena... said...

"I really want to make a sniper rifle or sniper rifle"

Can you explain that?

H said...

This section is not a hunt killers-R-Us. A sniper rifle "used by a sniper rifle. In other words, a sniper" rifle. "Lee would use 6.5 Carcano Italian and Whitman would have been, a 6mm Remington 700 ADL have used.

So your query is about a sniper rifle with a silencer for hunting? If you ask about a shotgun is cheaper, easier and get more legal certainty, only earplugs that attempt to silence, 243


Martin said...

Free float barrel and a job activation. A Sclincer not help accuracy. We could even more if we knew what the model of your weapon.

I think that if the free-floating barrel, bead action and do a job and have been activated properly mounted scope, you can enjoy weapons.

Good luck with that.

And BTW, there are many people who think they know everything and get all Huffy to the term "sniper rifle". I was surprised he had not gone to Nutts.

Maker said...

A real "sniper rifle" is that certain properties. Yes, guns were used in the implementation of the snipers, but were not "sniper rifles". Some people say that you have a sniper rifle, the user must be a sharpshooter. Unfortunately, the verification of their English and learn the rules of the apostrophe " 's shows like" Sniper possession. Actuallity but have in all of the guns sniper rifles-called modern education of the shooter similar characteristics. It' s law:

1. Roughness pure. A sniper, sniper rifle (to be taken lol) as before, dropped, moved, stored, pushed, hit and abuse them instead of the final recording. Thus, most sniper rifles to their misuse copyrighted, very hard.

2. Accuracy. Although often exposed to ill-treatment (as much loot as possible with a sniper May), the sniper rifle is a precision tool. It was expected, and the correct action. The surfaces are machined to very tight tolerances in order to aangles Cleansweep of 90 degrees or another completeUPS in the field work and with the theoretical maximum point blank range. Bipods are nice but not necessary ... Sandbags great job! The manual loading is always a good idea ...

Have fun bud. Read More researchnig. It takes its time to learn to separate thinking from the trash.

akluis said...

most bipods attach to sling swivel stud in the gun.

Please choose a good synthetic material with the keys and then attach the bipod or a floating glass cylinder beads. Go a little style Monte Carlo has cheekpad with an extensive use. Add flip-up in their scope.

Then go hunting, practice, practice, practice. You can test a new barrel if the weapon is very old

D.C. said...

To do a good choice for large-caliber weapons. As for the accuracy of the most important things are the two pillars of the floating barrel. I recommend a dealer in them. You also need a drill bipod is not much of a problem, drill holes on tour in the forearm and buttocks (unless you have) already links. Almost all the bipods get in on the Rotary and still has a bipod mount a sling. With regard to the term "weapon" in the fall. A silencer is feasible, but costs around 800-1000 euros when your done with liscense and stamps. They say that crowns the top of the mouth helps you May want to try. A carpet of decline is not required for small arms, unless the plan of taking the whole day. Bull barrel also recommended in the street below. Keep clean and cool between the two groups and should be good. And do not forget your ear protection.

Increases with me, I have a place that many will help over the Internet. If you could email or something, and I'll sendIf you are the Web site.

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