Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Autism Resources For Teachers Advice For Home Schooling A Special Needs Child With Autism?

Advice for home schooling a special needs child with Autism? - autism resources for teachers

Long before the explosion, I homeschool my six year old autistic son, I give you some background. My son is high functioning autism and class. I do not like how administrators, teachers (and yes, teachers) in the treatment of my child or me. He was very rude to me in a parent-teacher conference, and showed no patience with my other two children had to take with me (who was sitting at the table and I make color payiing closely and teachers - it seems not to love) . The questions that I was friendly, attentive and asked reguarding my son. When I received the card reaport there were things that the teacher did not even go with me, then my surprise when I can imagine filled with 1. Furthermore, while my son went to places like Burger King, birthday party or a park that has no problems interacting with other children but I am from the school once more my son, sat alone, away from other children.

I locked at home with his brother (who no specific training), but IVing a devil of time finding resources for the SA and special schools. I do not do that for me, and I had a teacher who works with me.

There are other opportunities for local education authorities (especially autism). The school district seems to help, despite the complaint. Teachers know do not know much about autism. I would almost'm caught in a nightmare. Any help would be good. I am in Southern California.


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First, I want to tell you that you know your child better than anyone else and as a mother, can the two homeschooled children are done with special needs. Be sure to write a copy of the IEP for your child and all the reports. I took a few sites that can be an important resource if you need help or support, am I here. Good Luck / links / ... / special.htm / pages / autism_homesc ...

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