Saturday, December 26, 2009

Houston Boxer Rescue Anyone Good People In The Houston Area Looking To Adopt A Male Boxer?

Anyone good people in the Houston area looking to adopt a male Boxer? - houston boxer rescue

My husband and I have a boxer from the Humane Society of Houston, we took her home yesterday and this is usually a semi-rough transition so far is to register one of the easiest to

But his brother, Achilles is still there and is a big boy so beautiful and full of love that has not come home because he did not like Sheba and that broke our hearts to leave him

is very high and leash trained and qualified staff and resources it needs and deserves a good home and of course, is someone who knows the boxer, very friendly and high energy dogs love to play and are very protective family, and are not very loyal dogs

Has Achilles is a wonderful asset to any family, time and heart for a race like this worry is a purebred dog that is about 100 pounds of large

anyone interested in it and reading your profile can for adoptions, you click on log and scroll down to view the image


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